Afinal quem paga???!

if the guy asks you out on a date…who should pay? Would you date him again if he asked you to pay?

I still can’t believe that this is a topic of discussion. Men, get a life and be a man! If you have asked a lady out you should pay. If you have issues with is then by all means you are not ready to date as it seems to me that if the “who pays” is an issue then you are obviously financially strapped. If this is the case but still want to date then learn some creative ways where you can swing it. There are many inexpensive restaurants that are good and will let you bring in a bottle of wine. They then charge a nominal cork fee. These places are fine. If this is still an issue but you still want to date then do coffee or lunch but YOU still pick up the tab. It’s also about having a little self respect for yourself. You asked her out so remember this. Call me old fashion but I see men all the time becoming incredibly cheap when it comes to dating and as a member of the male faculty I am embarrassed by this! I’ve said this before, my Father always told me if I can’t afford to pay for a date then I am not in a position to date. I just last night had a first date with a wonderful lady. The restaurant was chosen by her for comfort reasons, the food and ambience were fine but the noise level was off the charts primarily b/c there were screaming kids in there due to some birthday party. I was annoyed to the nth degree and told my date that I hope she would not be embarrassed but I needed to say something to the waiter which I did and she understood. In any event, I didn’t get the feeling that the date went as well as others and I most likely will not see her again. My point is, I paid for dinner, left a healthy tip which was not good judgment on my part but totally ok with picking up the tab. Why? Because I asked her out! End of story and I hope there will be more interesting relationship issues to talk about in this forum. Also ladies, if you are looking for a decent guy to have dinner with and don’t want to sit through stressing about who is going to pay but would otherwise be a wonderful evening with good food, conversation then feel free to contact me. I love nothing more than female companionship over dinner!

Ainda há duvidas acerca deste assunto??



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